Vegan recipes

I am so excited to share my first blog post with you, this is a wholesome vegan Caribbean inspired dinner.

Fully vegan Caribbean style dinner

This dinner is a combination of some of my favourite foods. Firstly I made the traditional rice and peas, then went on with sweet potato mash, lentils and tomatoes, fried plantain and Kale and peppers.

The rice and peas was super simple to make and super delicious I boiled 2 cups of whole grain rice with 1/4 of a can of coconut milk, I boiled the rice for 20 minutes and then added the kidney beans and lightly fried them and added in the rice and some all spice, this is not the traditional way to make rice and peas but it’s so simple and super fast. I then seasoned with salt and pepper .

I’ve used 2 handfuls of Kale, 2 cloves of garlic and half a red pepper and half a yellow pepper, these were lightly friend together in coconut oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.

I love plantain it’s so nutritious and so yummy it was lightly fried in coconut oil and then season with salt and pepper and a hint of allspice. The lentils were boiled for 15 minutes drained and then fried with chopped cherry tomatoes.

I don’t know if you ever made sweet potato mash but the way I do it is to bake the potatoes in the oven first for around 40 minutes with the skins, then when they are soft scoop out the potato and lightly fry with a mixture of coconut milk and all spice.

I hope this has been useful let me know what you think and follow my blog for more recipes..

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