Wholesome Soul Food bowl

This is bowl of some of my favourites…

This bowl is perfect nourishment for any time of the day it is jammed packed with wholesome goodness and delicious flavours. I have kept this recipe nice and simple as I believe it’s important to be able to prepare yummy food with a limited amount of time. packed inside this bowl is a combination of rice and peas, lentils, kale, sweet potato and plantain, In a few simple steps I’m going to explain how I cooked this and created this delicious yummy bowl of flavoursome goodness.


2 cups of basmati whole grain rice

2 cups of green lentils

1 can of red kidney beans

1 can of coconut milk

1 plantain

2 handfuls of fresh kale half a red pepper and half a yellow pepper

3 small sweet potatoes

salt and pepper

1 red chilli

all spice and paprika

Before you start cooking pre heat your oven at 250 degrees then when it’s nice and hot put in the sweet potatoes and bake for 30/40 minutes or until they are soft on the inside.

The first thing we are going to prepare is the rice and peas this is a super simple and quick way to create a classic favourite. First rinse your rice then cover with water and a quarter of the tin of coconut milk; boil for for 5 minutes. When your rice is boiling turn the heat down let the rice simmer and put the lid on the pot and let the magic happen. In 15 minutes take the lid off add salt pepper, all spice pour in the kidney beans, making sure they are fully drained so there is no extra water in the pan.

The lentils are easy peasy literally boil for 15 minutes the add chopped tomoates lightly fry with salt pepper all spice and 1 red chilli.

Lightly fry the chopped yellow and red pepper in coconut oil when they are soft add the kale and fry together for a further 15 minutes… So delicious quick and easy.

Take the sweet potatoes out of the oven and scoop out the flesh mix with coconut oil salt pepper and mash. the last step is to lightly fry the plantain using coconut oil until golden brown turning it regularly season with salt and pepper and enjoy.

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