About me

Hi My Name is Eliza AKA The caribbean queenie, I like to cook and take pictures of my food….

I am a passionate vegan and about 5 years ago I decided to quite my day job and pursue a dream selling vegan food. I started a vegan street food brand and sold at top markets across London. Having been on a journey I then returned to my trained profession as a primary school teacher and gave the street food a break. I am now returning into the food scene and after many recipe requests through Instagram I have decided to start a blog to share them.

Reasons to Follow my blog

  • I post delicious healthy vegan recipes with a caribbean twist.
  • My recipes are all quick and super simple to make I also use ingredients that are affordable on all budgets.
  • It will make me sooooo happy!!!!

Just a little extra info I’m mixed race Jamaican and English and I have the same name as the queen of England which is how I came about the name caribbean queenie hope you like it.

Published by caribbeanqueenie

I like to cook and take pictures of my food...

One thought on “About me

  1. Good luck, Eliza, on your new journey! I just celebrated two years on wordpress. The more I play with my food, the more I find my own voice. Am in a fire danger zone, awaiting a 48-72 hour power outage in my neighborhood to begin late this afternoon, as a fire safety precaution. Some neighborhoods are spared the outage, including a shopping center with two pizza places and a few other vegan-friendly options for when we want some hot food in the next few days.

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